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& Television

August / October 2023
Standby Art Director Dailies - The Gathering (Channel 4)
Production Designer: Paul Rowan

August 2023
Standby Props Dailies (2nd Unit) - Tell Me Everything Series 2 (ITVX)
Production Designer: Matthew Button

August 2023
Standby Props Dailies - Playdate (TV Mini Series)

June 2023
Standby Art Director Dailies (2nd Unit) - The Devil's Hour Series 2 (Amazon)
Production Designer: Tom McCullagh
Supervising Art Director: Henry Woolway

May 2023 - June 2023
Standby Art Director Dailies - Geek Girl (Netflix)
Production Designer: Julian Fullalove
Art Director: Steve Clarke

Jan 2023 - March 2023
Standby Props - Ruby Speaking (ITVX, Yellow Door Productions)
Production Designer: David Butterworth
Art Director: Steve Clarke
Props Master: Keyan Ebrahimi-Fardouee

September 2022 - November 2022
Assistant Art Director - Death in Paradise Series 12 Episodes 5 - (Red Planet Pictures, BBC One)
Production Designer: David Butterworth

May 2022 - September 2022
Dressing Props - Death in Paradise Series 12 Episodes 1 - 4 (Red Planet Pictures, BBC One)

November 2021 - February 2022
Standby Props - Bad Sisters (Apple TV+, Merman)
Production Designer: Mark Geraghty
Props Master: Dave Brock

August - September 2021
Standby Art Director Dailies - The Split Series 3 (BBC One, Sister)
Production Designer: Elizabeth Mary Moore

August 2021
Dressing Props Little Darlings (Sky, Kindle Entertainment)
Production Designer: Natalie O'Connor
Props Master: Vincente Torres Rosello

July - August 2021
Standby Props Dailies - The Cockfields Series 2 (UKTV GOLD)
Production Designer: David Butterworth
Art Director: Chris Agnew

July 2021
Standby Props Dailies - Andy and the Band Series 2 (CBBC)
Art Director: Andrea Coathupe

June 2021
Driver Dailies - Man Vs Bee (Netflix)
June 2021
Standby Art Director - The Curse of the Chippendales (Discovery+, Amazon Prime, Lightbox Films)
Production Designer: Katie Utting, Producer: Suzette Styler

May - June 2021
Standby Props - This England (Sky Atlantic)
Production Designer: Noam Piper, Standby Art Director: Lissa Lamona

December 2020
Art Director – Cinderella Live (PantoLive, Going Live TV)
Production Manager: Josie Connor, Producer: Ben McNeill, Lianne Collinson

November 2020
Location Marshall Dailies –  The Witcher Series 2 (Netflix, Thetford Productions)
Locations Manager: James Davey

September 2020
Art Department Assistant –  Darling, what have you done to your hair? (Pilot, Initial Productions)
Production Designer: Hannah Wilson

November 2019 – January 2020
Production Designer –  Clara (2020, Dream Time Creative)
1850s Period Drama Pilot, Director: Anastasia Arsentyeva, Producer: Sarah Cobham
Winner of Best Picture & Best Period Drama at South Coast Film Festival 2020.

September 2019
Standby Props / Art Assistant – Chopped: Playing with Fire Special (Paramount, The Food Network)
Production Manager: Steph Kirlew, Art Director: Kris Turnbull

June - July 2019
Art Department Assistant – The Heist: Series 2 (Sky One / Shine TV)
Production Manager: Johnathan Knapp, Art Director: Kris Turnbull

Feature Films

June 2024
Props Master - Murder at the Embassy (Mini Productions, Lionsgate)
Production Designer: Alessandra De Palma

June 2023 - July 2023
Standby Props Dailies - The Amateur (20th Century, Disney)
Lead Standby Props: Jamie Buchan
Props Master: Sam Chapman

September - October 2021
Standby Art Director - Consecration
Production Designer: Liz El-Kadhi Brown, Art Director: Graham Ellis

June 2021
Dressing Props Dailies - Living (Lionsgate)
Props Master: Tom Roberts

March 2021
Standby Art Director - One Shot (Sky Cinema)
Production Designer: Liz El-Kadhi Brown, Art Director: Michael McLoughlin

January - February 2021
Art Department Assistant - Save Luna (Wild Kate Pictures, Whatify)
Production Designer: Louis Price, Art Director: Rosi Stamp

August 2020/Postponed
Art Department Assistant – Ultra Pure (Fudge Films Productions)
Producer: Tony Krantz, Director: Ulla Fudge, Production Designer: Lidia Rzeznik
Currently postponed due to Covid-19.

April - August 2019
Production Designer – Cardboard Fort (2020, Sam Hartshorn)
Independent Feature, Producer Marco Alexiadis, Director Sam Hartshorn
Selected for Austin Film Festival 2021

July 2016 & July 2018
Work Experience Prop Maker, DB PROPS LTD – Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017, Rian Johnson)
Assisted in making crew gifts whilst at DB Props Ltd. Breathe (2017, Andy Serkis)
Assisted building the iron lung set pieces whilst at DB Props Ltd.

& Music Videos

February 2024
Production Designer - Lambert - The Stranger (Master of None Productions)
Director: Tom Oxenham
Standby/Art Director: Amber Reohorn

October 2023
Painter - Macallan Whiskey (Green Room Films)
Art Director: Charles Whiteway

May 2022
Production Designer - Lambert - Help Me, Help You! (Master of None Productions)
Director: Tom Oxenham

August 2021
Props Assistant - Cotswolds (Friend Productions)
Art Director: Liz El-Kadhi Brown

April 2021
Art Director Assistant - Mastercard (Dadbod Films)
Producer: Josh Smith, Art Director: Liz El-Kadhi Brown

April 2021
Art Department Assistant - Wait, Do You Not Flavour Up? - Nandos (Friend Productions)
Producer: Joseph J. Goldman, Art Director: Liz El-Kadhi Brown

November 2020
Production Designer - Normal People, Rupert Stroud - Music Video
Directed by Sam Hartshorn

November 2020
Art Department Assistant – E-Toro Legends & Hero 2020 Commercial (Formidable Entertainment Evolved)
Producer: Jade Alexander, Art Director: Terry Palamara

November 2019
Lighting Trainee – Wren Kitchens Commercial (Adam and Eve DDB)
Production Manager: Dominique Toussaint, Gaffer: Paul Choy

September  2019
Art Department Runner – Audible Phase 2 Commercial (Sassy Films)
Producer: Claudia Kaye

April 2019
Art Department Assistant / Set-dresser – Samsung pop-up event Coventry (Keam George Agency)

January 2019
Prop Maker - The Chartered Association of Business Schools Annual Conference 2019
University of York 'Okun's Leaky Bucket' Exhibit

Short Films

April 2024
Art Director - Ash Wednesday
Directors Michal Vojtech & Ariel de la Garza

December 2023 - February 2024
Production Designer - Spoken in Plain Sight
Directors Ilya Wray & Ariel de la Garza

January - February 2024
Production Designer - Anders the Dogman
Director: Tom Oxenham
Selected as Finalist for M&Ms Comedy Short Film Competition 2024.

August 2023
Production Designer - Boneless
Director: Gidon Orrelle

April 2022
Production Designer - The Whole World Blind (Umbra Motion Pictures)
Directors: Seán Mackey & Finbar Sommers
Selected for Hollyshorts Film Festival 2023, Norwich Film Festival 2023, Worcester Film Festival 2023, Portobello Film Festival 2023 & Shorts on Tap 2023.

Production Designer - Neutral Boy
October 2020
Production Designer - Invisus (2020, Boxed Globe Productions)
December 2019 - February 2020
Production Designer – Kate and the Cosmonaut (2020, Anastasia Arsentyeva)
Starring Nicci Brighten and Bhasker Patel, Director: Anastasia Arsentyeva, Producer: Aleks Rojek.
Selected for Aesthetica Film Festival 2020.

October 2019
Production Designer – The Nicky Nack (2019, Tom Oxenham, Villager Films)
Starring Alun Armstrong, Director: Tom Oxenham, Producers: Hugo Nicholson & Georgia Woolley.
Selected for Frightfest Film Festival 2021, Norwich Film Festival 2021 and Glasgow Film Festival 2021.

March 2019
Production Designer – The Curiosity of Edward Pratt (2019, Thomas Sandler)
Selected for Luma Film Festival 2019, Salisbury International Arts Festival 2020, Montreal Film Festival 2020, Kendal Mountain Film Festival 2020 Semi Finalist at Cyrus International Festival of Toronto 2020, Best Documentary Short at Anatolia International Film Festival 2020 and nominated for Best Factual at the RTS National Student Awards 2020.

April 2019
Costume Designer - The Last of the Stone Men
Directed by Matthew Zeffertt 

March 2019
Production Designer / Model Maker – Albatross
Directed by Josh Dwyer

March 2019
Production Designer - Spirits of the Inn Between
Directed by Sam Hartshorn

March 2019
Production Designer - 56 Questions with Jade Dean
Directed by Ruby Churchill

February 2019
Art Director - Confessions from the Family
Directed by Marco Alexiadis

January 2019
Production Designer – Our Father
Directed by Vera Neverkevich Hill
Selected for Raindance 2019.

December 2018
Production Designer - Banana Bang
Directed by Josh Dwyer

December 2018
Production Designer - Why do Cowboys wear hats in the bath?
Directed by Sam Hartshorn

October 2018
Production Designer - My Soon-to-be-ex Girlfriend
Directed by Sam Hartshorn

August 2016
Production Designer / Model Maker - Le Voyage de la Tortue


Film & Television Production BSc – University of York

1st Class Honours, with an individual grade of 91/100 for my work as Production Designer on our third-year final film.

Talking Point: "Standing By" with Matt Bergel Masterclass (2022).

Talking Point: "The Art of the Backdrop" with Production Designer James Price and Senior Art Director Rod McLean (2024).

London Film School: Budgeting and Scheduling for the Art Department (2020).

London Film School: Masterclass with Production Designer Donal Woods and Art Director Fleur Whitlock (2020).

London Film School: The End of the F***ing World Art Department Case Study Week of Masterclasses with Art Director Fleur Whitlock (2020).

University Research Interviews with: Art Director Luke Whitelock (2020) and Standby Art Director Todd Ellis (2019).

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